a fast and reliable chat bot for Twitch, Discord and YouTube!


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Yoshino offers a rich list of pre-defined, multi functional commands with tools and dynamic responses. You can even create your own commands to promote your social media links!

Chat Filter

Are the normal Twitch, YouTube and Discord filters not enough for your uses? Yoshino offers settings for you to automatically filter out all of the bad guys, like enabling/disabling links, black- and whitelists and more.


There is no need to download or install anything! We host and maintain Yoshino for you to make sure she is always ready to help you out.


Yoshino is able to send custom notifications for follows, subscriptions, donations etc. (may require third-party service)

Active Development

There is always room for improvement! Yoshino is constantly being updated, developed and maintained. Follow her on Twitter to find out what comes next!

Chat Logs

Did you forget why you banned a user? No problem! Yoshino logs every single message that is sent to your server/channel.